About Us

Singapore’s a great place to play Magic: the Gathering. There are card shops on every other corner, trading groups online, and a fair share of WhatsApp chat groups where you’ll find an amazing gaming community.

But sometimes, it’s hard to know where’s the best place to play this weekend, or

Who Are We?

Dennis Xiao is the man with the plan. Always looking for ways to boost the local and regional MTG scene, Dennis is an endless well of energy and ideas. You’ll usually see him judging PPTQs all over Singapore, and if you want to talk to him, just raise your hand and your friendly neighbourhood judge Dennis Xiao will help you as best he can.

Mikail Lo has a lot to say when it comes to MTG, as seen in his previous endeavour hosting the Power Nine Podcast, where he critiques about what happens in the MTG scene. Mikail also spends time streaming Magic tournaments at Grey Ogre Games to create more content for the SEA MTG scene, which he finds sorely lacking currently.